The CP Select is the new generation of our popular Concentrating Pipette liquid concentrating system bringing a higher level of efficiency and customization for users.
•       Added controls and precision components provide greater recovery of organisms -
Preliminary testing shows up to 15.9% improvement with higher sample concentration
and lower elution volumes.
•       The system allows users to customize up to 15 protocols to fine tune the program to
their exact preference with optional password protection.
•       Additional improvements include a streamlined maintenance protocol, new elution fluid volume gauge, and whisper quiet operation.

The CP Select is an automated, rapid bio- concentration device for modern microbiology. The system replaces the older methods including centrifugation and enrichment as a front-end to microbial detection. It is highly efficient and effective for bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells and viruses.The one-pass method works by filtration through its high- flow single-use pipette tips to remove micro-organisms from the fluid sample matrix. Once the micro-organisms are captured, the instant and automated wet foam elution process recovers and delivers the micro-organisms into a micro liter volume of clean buffer ready for analysis by modern or classical methods.