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Concentrating Pipette

The Concentrating Pipette is an automated, rapid bio- concentration device for modern microbiology. The system replaces the older methods including centrifugation and enrichment as a front-end to microbial detection. It is highly efficient and effective for bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells and viruses.

The one-pass method works by filtration through its high- flow single-use pipette tips to remove micro-organisms from the fluid sample matrix. Once the micro-organisms are captured, the instant and automated wet foam elution process recovers and delivers the micro-organisms into a microliter volume of clean buffer ready for analysis by modern or classical methods.

The Concentrating Pipette resolves two main difficulties in pathogen detection:

1.) The dangerous pathogens within a sample can be very dilute. and 2.) The volume used for analysis is so small, that the threat is often missed.

The single-use Concentrating Pipette Tips have the ability to capture micro-particles including biological particles based on the pore size of the membrane within the tip, then, delivers those micro-particles into a small final volume (final volumes are user selectable from 200 to 1000 micro liters). This final sample volume more closely matches the input volume for analysis methods such as, immunoassay, qPCR, and other rapid methods. Nowhere is this more important than for the preparation of biological samples for trace analysis. 

The Concentrating Pipette gives you the ability to process larger volumes than other methods allow, providing exponentially improved concentration factors and limit of detection - enabling detection at previously undetectable levels.

The Concentrating Pipette is so simple to operate that non-technical users can be trained in less than 10 minutes. The intuitive controls provide one button push to begin the concentration process and one button push to elute the final sample. It is also fast – with the ability to concentrate up to a 100 milliliters per minute. 

Because the sample is only in contact with the single-use tips, there is no worry of cross contamination between samples. The single-use Pipette Filter Tips come in six pore sizes ranging from 0.45 micron to an Ultrafilter (see Tip Selection Guide).

Two Elution fluids are available:

              Tris fluid - recommended for Rapid Molecular Analysis methods

              PBS fluid - recommended for classic culture methods

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