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Concentrating Pipette


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Starter Kit

Includes ten Pipette Tips of your choice, one Elution Fluid Can of your choice, and one Maintenance Kit



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0.1 micron Polyethersulfone  (PES)

Single-use Concentrating Pipette Tips


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0.4 micron Polycarbonate Track Etch (PCTE)

Single-use Concentrating Pipette Tips


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PBS Elution Fluid


0.075% Tween 20 / PBS. Recommended for classical analytical methods

Each can provides up to 50 extractions. MSDS


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Tris Elution Fluid Tris

0.075% Tween 20/25 mM Tris Recommended for rapid analytical methods

Each can provides up to 50 extractions.  MSDS


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Maintenance Fluid Kit   maintenance kit

Includes: one Decontamination Fluid Can and one can of Rinse Fluid. For decontaminating the fluid path within the Concentrating Pipette. Each kit provides one decontamination cycle. MSDS

42.00 each

Pipette Mesh Filter Sleeves – Qty. 25

The sleeves are made to slide over a Concentrating Pipette Tip for use as a pre-filter. Prevents solids from plugging the tip of the pipette when sampling liquids that may contain solid particles. One side of  the sleeve is made of a polyethylene filter with a hole diameter of 330 microns, and the other side is solid 3.0 mil (0.075 mm) polyethylene.



1 Micron Prefilter Bag – Qty. 1

10″ glazed polypropylene felt bag rated for 1 micron filtration. Makes an effective prefilter for very difficult sample matrices prior to concentration with the Concentrating Pipette.

14.00 each


Permeate Vent Filters  -  Qty. 5

0.2 micron filters prevent aerosol release from permeate bottle.



2 Liter Enclosed Permeate Bottle

Ensures no aerosol release from the permeate liquid.

$230.00 each


Permeate Line Cleaning Kit

Recommended for cleaning the permeate side after concentrating nutrient-laden samples. Each kit contains one filterless pipette tip and twenty 11 micron nylon syringe filters.

$128.00 each


500 mL Centrifuge Tube Carrier

The sturdy tube carrier holds four 500 mL conical centrifuge tubes for easy transport and storage.


107.00 each


Tubing Clips – Qty. 3

Set of three polypropylene clips. Holds permeate line tubing securely in place over edge of beakers or other containers with a wall thickness of up to ¼ inch. Autoclavable.



Elution Port Cap – Qty. 1

Protects the fluid can interface port while the Concentrating Pipette is not in use.

$1.50 each


Alcohol Prep Pads – Box of 100

Recommended for cleaning the elution fluid can interface and Concentrating Pipette Tip interface ports.



Replacement Permeate Line Tubing