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InnovaPrep continues innovation in the field of sample concentration with current project work of an integratable, membrane-based fractionation and concentration system for complex environmental matrices under a Department of Homeland Security Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant.

More powerful, automated sample preparation techniques are needed so problems currently associated with detection of rare biological particles in complex environmental samples can be overcome. Inhibition by environmental debris is a common problem due to the presence of highly-varied, complex mixtures of particle and chemical inhibitors. Ultra-high-throughput sequencing, qPCR, and other rapid detection techniques can also fail due to high levels of background environmental clutter. There is also a significant need to be able to differentiate between detection events that are associated with whole viable cells and those only associated with free DNA or free proteins. For more information see the following presentation by Andy Page:

A  Novel Membrane-Based System for Fractionation and Concentration of Biological Particles from Complex Environmental Matrices.

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