Surface Extractor (BSE)

InnovaPrep designs and builds custom backpack surface extraction devices with a range of capabilities.

The company is currently involved with several integration partners in a Phase III US Air Force Medical Systems Strategic Situational Awareness Decision Analytics (SADA) effort. The proposed system integrates the base model InnovaPrep Backpack Surface Extractor with the following capabilities:

1) Aerosol ambient biological monitor

2)  Field deployable biological diagnostic platform

3)  Surface extraction collection system

4) On board data communication transmitter

Backpack Surface Extractor (BSE)

The base model

The BSE recovers bacteria, viruses, DNA, toxins, protozoa, or other particles of interest from significantly larger surface areas than is possible with standard surface collection methods.

The system was developed for sampling and recovery of biological contaminants of special importance to the military, first responders, food safety and medical facility monitors. The BSE effectively aids in identifying surface contamination helping you to quickly return facilities and  equipment back to work.

Attributes of the BSE

  • Highly portable back-pack design
  • Sample is conveniently and safely dispensed into a range of sample containers
  • Easy to use—operators can be trained in 15 minutes
  • Better and faster than traditional methods for large surface areas
  • Superior sampling on textured  surfaces
  • Low-cost consumables
  • Easy to clean
  • Battery powered, quiet operation
  • HEPA filtered exhaust
  • Surfactant solution is user defined for greater compatibility with preferred detection methods