Bench‐Top Concentration

The HSC‐40 Bench‐Top Concentrator was InnovaPrep’s first fully automated, efficient, and robust laboratory instrument  for concentrating dilute particles in a liquid. Though the new Concentrating Pipette now provides a more user-friendly platform with single-use tips to eliminate sample to sample carry-over, the HSC-40 remains as a useful research instrument with the following unique capabilities:

> The user has the ability to customize the elution fluid

>the device provides a wider range of settable mechanical parameters

>The per sample cost is minimal because the concentration cells are reusable for 200+ elutions

>The device utilizes a variety of hollow fiber concentration cells allowing  a wide range of particle sizes from 0.01 micron to 20 microns along with capabilities for higher volumes and more difficult matrices.

The HSC-40 has the ability to concentrate biological particles such as bacteria, viruses, DNA, and proteins/toxins . The technology provides a macro-to-micro interface™ between large sample volumes and very small analysis volumes required by modern detectors and by standard analysis methods such as plating. Large samples are processed through the HSC-40 where particles of interest are captured and recovered into a volume as small as 10 microliters. See animation video

The process is very rapid which allows large sample volumes to be concentrated into a standard analysis volume in minutes or even seconds. In short, the system provides a quantitative, rapid method that allows dilute samples to analyzed in minutes rather than the days required if an enrichment step is needed. The InnovaPrep HSC-40 liquid-to-liquid concentrator is the only available, fully automated concentrator that provides rapid, quantitative, and efficient concentration of particles as small as 10 nanometer.

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