Integratable Concentration

InnovaPrep designs and builds custom integratable sample concentration components.

The HCI-40 Integratable Sample Concentrator was built for ease of integration into 24/7 autonomous collection/detection systems. This micro-particle concentrator possesses the novel ability to separate nucleic acids and proteins from viable cells and concentrate the target organisms or proteins for improved detection. The process is highly efficient and effective over a wide range of particle sizes from 5 nanometers to 20 microns.

Features :

An Input sample port to accept collection fluid from a collector or process sample stream

Captured viable cells are recovered into a user‐preselected concentrated volume from 20μL—50 mL

The concentrate dispenses into a reservoir that the sample can be drawn from for additional sample preparation and/or analysis

The process has the ability to concentrate whole cells while passing free DNA. Concentration of the free DNA portion with a second InnovaPrep stage is now an option

The sample is concentrated into a buffer or fluid chosen by the user

The concentrator is small; with a footprint of approximately 12 inches tall, by 11.5 inches wide, by 6 inches deep or smaller

Concentration cells are long-lasting, to 200 or more samples.

Our engineers can customize for your specific application.