The Bobcat is a lightweight, portable, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit. It is ideally suited for the collection of bio-aerosols and particulate matter; including sub-micron sized particles, airborne molecular contamination, and particulates. This system has been developed to address a broad range of air sampling requirements.

Attributes of the Bobcat

  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery
  • ‍Built-in tripod
  • Built-in omni-directional aerosol inlet
  • ‍Easy to read status display
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Rugged mil-spec design
  • Built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates
  • 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance collection rate with battery life
  • Disposable, single use filter cassette and elutor components– no need for decontamination
  • No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme temperatures
  • Eluting captured particles from the filter takes only 5 seconds; sample is ready for analysis in less than one minute
  • Easy to use– operators can be trained in 10 minutes
  • Controls can be manipulated with gloved hands, while in full NBC gear
  • Designed for use in high-stress environments
  • Single electrical port allows for remote triggering, data acquisition, and external power supply with one connection

The Bobcat aerosol collector takes up little more than one-quarter of a cubic foot, has an internal battery, built-in tripod, and can run continuously at 200 liters per minute for up to 18 hours. The system uses a dry 52 mm electret filter as the collection media. Electret filters are produced from diaelectric polymer fibers that develop an electrical charge when air flows past them. This substantially increases the collection efficiency of the filter and allows for the use of lower pressure drop filters which, in turn, allows for higher sampling rates for extended periods using battery power. Additional advantages include low consumable costs, ease of use, and high durability. This gives it the ability to operate at low temperatures; a limitation for most wet-wall cyclone type collectors.


Rapid filter sample recovery

Following aerosol collection, the Filter Cassette is removed from the Collector, capped on one side, then snapped onto the sample cup; this provides a primary container for transport. To extract the captured particles from the filter, a Can containing the elution foam is simply Pressed to a fitting on the Elutor Cap. The elution foam is released from the Elution Can evenly through the filter. The wet foam passes through the interstitial spaces of the filter to efficiently extract any captured particles. Sample elution takes approximately 5 seconds and produces 6 to 7 milliliters of liquid sample. The foam immediately collapses back to a liquid in the sample cup, making it available for sample processing and analysis.