New! High-flow and Ultrafiltration Pipette Tips

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Now Available! InnovaPrep is excited to announce the release of four new pipette tips for the Concentrating Pipette that greatly expand the applications for the device. The new high-flow tips are made with bundles of hollow fiber filters that will allow higher flow, larger starting sample volumes, smaller final extract volumes, and allow difficult matrices to be concentrated. In addition, two ultrafiltration tips are now offered for virus concentration.

The new pore sizes include 0.45µm and 0.2 µm for high-flow concentration of bacteria, whole cells, spores, pollen, and parasites. As well as a 0.05 µm and an ultrafiltration tip for virus concentration. More information

“A Portable Concentrator” Patent Award

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May 20, 2014 InnovaPrep LLC is pleased to announce a new patent award applying to the company’s biological concentration technologies, currently commercialized within the Concentrating Pipette. InnovaPrep holds a family of 15 awarded and pending patents surrounding InnovaPrep’s underlying technology termed “Wet Foam Elution” awarded in 2012. The process is utilized in many of the Company’s currently available and pipeline products and greatly improves the way biological samples, especially those containing pathogenic organisms, are collected and prepared for analysis. Continue…

Patents Awarded to InnovaPrep for Surface Extraction Technologies

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March 25, 2014 InnovaPrep LLC is pleased to announce two new patent awards applying to the company’s biological surface extraction technologies, currently commercialized within the Backpack Surface Extractor (BSE).

The BSE is a sampling instrument that efficiently recovers bacteria, viruses, DNA, toxins, protozoa, or other particles of interest from two and three dimensional surfaces. The systems were developed for sampling and recovery of biological contaminants of special importance to the military, first responders, outbreak investigators, and food safety and medical facility monitors.

U.S. Patent Application No. 12/814,972, entitled “A Surface Sampler for Biological Particles”, was issued March 25, 2014 as U.S. Patent No. 8677839. This patent is owned by InnovaPrep and applies specifically to the commercial model Backpack Surface Extractor and derivative commercial surface samplers. Continue…