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InnovaPrep Technologies 1st choice for DoD Bioaerosol Monitoring Programs

Posted Nov 20 2015 by with Comments Off on InnovaPrep Technologies 1st choice for DoD Bioaerosol Monitoring Programs

InnovaPrep’s Dry Filter BioAerosol Sample Collector with Rapid Filter Elution Kit has become the collector of choice for major systems integrators for Department of Defense programs such as the Joint Biological Tactical Defense System (JBTDS) and the Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition, known as JUPITR. The integratable collectors Continue…

NASA SBIR Project Update

Posted Aug 6 2015 by with Comments Off on NASA SBIR Project Update

30Under a Phase 1 NASA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grant, InnovaPrep is adapting its bio-concentration technology to work in a microgravity environment.  The developed system is slated for use aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for the purpose of monitoring the safety of the ISS water supply.

For the project, InnovaPrep Engineer, Alec Adolphson, recently traveled to Portland State University to to work along with Oregon-based company, IRPI LLC, to test the modified device using the 5-story Dryden Drop Tower.   Continue…

A Little History on Wet Foam Elution (WFE)

Posted Jul 15 2015 by with 0 Comments

From a recent article by Alec Adolphson, co inventor of many InnovaPrep technologies.

InnovaPrep was founded in 2009 as a manufacturing company based on an invention developed in our Sister company AlburtyLab.  AlburtyLab is an independent research lab located in Drexel MO that primarily deals with, but is not limited to, aerosol research projects. The lab has a recirculating wind tunnel with a sealed test chamber. The test chamber is used to test among other things air inlets, air sampling devices and air monitoring equipment.  Continue…