Sample Prep 2011

The Knowledge Foundation Sample Prep 2011 conference this year was even better than last year.  For one thing, it was in San Diego – but not that I didn’t enjoy Baltimore, too!  InnovaPrep was only one of many companies, Universities, and agencies that presented new developments this year.  Participants included Sandia, the University of California San Diego, QuidelHarvard Medical School, Boreal Genomics, Qiagen, Taigen, Merck Millipore, Boston University, Stratec, Iowa State University, Menon & Associates, the Canadian Food Inspection Service, Nanyang University of Singapore, FLIR Systems, Integrated Nano Technologies, Receptors LLC, NOAA, Claremont Bio Solutions, Deton Corp., USEPA, Hitatchi, Advanced Liquid Logic, and JSR Micro.  I also met with attendees from Fluigent, EcoLab, Pall Life Sciences, Bertin Technologies, bioMerieux and many others.

If you were there, or interested in a conversation about sample prep for rapid microbiological methods, we can get one started right here – just add your comments to the blog and we’ll post them!  I’m looking forward to a great new year in Sample Prep, and plan to start by going through some of the high points of the presenters made, as well as some of the highlights of our presentations there.  Personally, I think Sample Prep is the next horizon of Biotech – where we can gain some real traction and make a difference to help people around the world.  Through better, faster, and cheaper sample prep, we can all amplify the benefits accruing from the advances being made in many fields where rapid methods are being implemented.

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